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Dr. Shawna Pandya is a physician, citizen-scientist astronaut and aquanaut, martial artist and public speaker.

Vaccines Work. Here Are the Facts.

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The risks, the misinformation, and the science behind history’s greatest life saver by Maki Naro Posted December 15th, 2014                                                                           [...]

On Success, Failure, and Pushing the Limits | Shawna Pandya | TEDxUAlberta

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Reposting my TEDx talk, "On Success, Failure, Resilience and Pushing the Limits," on Blue Monday for those who may benefit from hearing it. :)

International Women’s Day | Dr. Shawna Pandya | Solve for XX: A call to future leaders to #BeBoldForChange

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February 9, 2017 International Women’s Day is just around the corner, and this year’s theme is #BeBoldForChange. It’s a call to action to forge a better way of life – a more inclusive, gender equal world.Throughout the month, we’ll be highlighting some of our acclaimed Women in STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) speakers, who [...]

Our Global Woman of Vision

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Our Global Woman of Vision program has profiled over 265 inspiring women in the last 22 years. Join me on Friday, April 7 as we highlight and hear the stories from our 2016/2017 recipients—from citizen astronaut Shawna Pandya, MD to general manager of Rogers Place Susan Darrington to the Right Honourable Kim Campbell, former Canadian Prime [...]

My I.C.U. Patient Lived. Is That Enough?

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My I.C.U. Patient Lived. Is That Enough? ISABEL SELIGER By DANIELA J. LAMAS APRIL 1, 2017 He is breathing better and the doctors say his lungs will recover, but he can’t remember his appointments or where he put his keys. It has been months since the surgery and the scars are fading, yet she still wakes [...]

Global Woman of Vision May 2016

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Everyone—or almost everyone—loves a good origin story. From the New Testament to the neverending deaths of Bruce Wayne’s parents and Peter Parker’s uncle, we’re fascinated by the catalysts, epiphanies, and pivotal moments that make people who they are. With that in mind, Fightland has started talking to our favorite professional and amateur fighters and enthusiasts about [...]

Lees: Edmonton honours local leaders at 22nd annual Women of Vision Celebration

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She got her first spanking when she was three-years-old and would cross the road to ask neighbours if they’d like to hear her sing. But an undaunted Lesley MacDonald went on to entertain and on Friday a sold-out crowd of 900 attended her 22nd annual Women of Vision Celebration. “The idea is to celebrate women in [...]

Conversations with Scientist-Astronaut Candidate Dr. Shawna Pandya

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Surrounded by several deities at her uncle's shop in Mumbai, Shawna Pandya, the scientist-astronaut candidate for Projects PoSSUM & PHEnOM tells us of all it takes to be what she is - A doctor, a citizen-scientist astronaut, a taekwondo athlete and more! Don't miss the lovely Hallelujah she sings for us all!

We Are Canada: The people who will help forge our future

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Ken Dryden on the Canadians who show us what’s possible—and what Canada could be, as we enter its sesquicentennial. Maayan Ziv zips around downtown Toronto. She is in a wheelchair, but that doesn’t matter hugely to her, nor that she has a form of muscular dystrophy, nor that she is young, nor that she is tiny. [...]